I’m sure other consultants will dazzle you with how they collaborate with stakeholders to facilitate the most effective delivery of value… I prefer to speak in English.

My corporate career taught be how to figure out what’s not going well before I try to fix it. As a result, most of my services focus on helping you figure out where your problems are coming from. Maybe I’m the right person to help you fix it. Maybe not. We’ll figure that out once we know what you’re struggling with.

My services are broken into the following categories:

  1. Coaching – I act as a guide for your business. During a series of regularly scheduled calls, I help you set goals for your business and select skills you need to develop to improve your business’ performance.
  2. Consulting – I make more detailed recommendations, usually with details, for specific projects or aspects of your business. This could include customer journey evaluations, revenue growth plans, marketing plans, advertising plans, or other aspects of your business. I can help you implement those plans or you can do it yourself.
  3. Contracting – I (or someone on my team) will do the work for you. These are usually project-based. It could be something I recommended under a Consulting engagement or it could be a project you’ve been wanting to do for some time.
  4. Training – I teach you, in detail, how to perform some business skill. Maybe it’s accounting, or making a Facebook ad, or how to write your own marketing plan. In most cases, we are performing the task together as you take notes so you can do it yourself the next time. I can do these one-on-one or in a group setting.

In order to allow you the most flexibility and work with smaller budgets, I also offer a la Carte services. They are all available as part of larger contracts as well:

  1. Customer Journey Audit – a detailed analysis of all the places where customers interact with your business
  2. Competitor Analysis – a look at the major players in your market, their public marketing campaigns, and how your products and campaigns compare. Available in multiple sizes, depending on how many competitors you want analyzed.
  3. Workshops – A group full-day “learn as you work” session on topics like developing your customer journey, expanding your product line, or interpreting your financial data