About Me

Tom Waltz is a senior product manager for a software company, focused on bringing to market the features and improvements that most fit customer needs. He has extensive experience in collecting market needs and converting those needs into profitable products, managing those projects through requirements gathering, design, and development.

Tom believes that most business owners focus too much on what they want to sell and not enough on what the market wants to buy. (He’ll also tell you that business consultants tend to use vague, jargon terms that no one understands!)

In the past, Tom was a BIM Technology Manager for two of the largest architecture firms in New Jersey, where he learned software implementation strategies and how to both train and support large numbers of people while keeping projects profitable.

Tom is currently working on a second Masters of Science degree in Data Science at Northwestern University. He currently holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Drexel University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from Purdue University, and an Associate of Specialized Technology degree in Architectural Design from Triangle Tech.