Product-to-Market Fit

All Feedback is Good Feedback

Did you ever get a 1-Star review and you just felt annoyed and dejected, thinking the person hates you and must be evil and just didn’t know how to read the description before she kicked a puppy?

It happens to all of us.

But here’s the thing: you needed that review. Something wasn’t working, and this person told you about it.

Maybe they didn’t read the description because they were on a mobile phone and Etsy kind of hides the description there. But as a business owner, part of your responsibility is to tell your story with the resources you have, not the ones you wish you had.

In this example, it’s a mobile app that makes the description hard to find and a customer who may not know it’s there. Your job is to figure out how to tell them what they need to know in that environment.

Maybe customers give you a 4-star review and say the item was perfect but it took too long to ship. I know you’re busy and have a day job and have kids with sports… but your customers are telling you they want the item faster.

It’s not a judgement against you, simply a statement that your target customers would be happier if you could deliver more quickly, so if there was any way you could reduce your processing time, you might get more sales. I know, I know, you have fifty things going on every day and your kids have soccer practice…. but your customer has told you something. Maybe you can’t do anything about it and maybe your competition can… so they get more sales. Yes, it sucks, but that’s how business is.

If you’re ever looking for ways to get more customers, the feedback your existing ones give you is a great place to start (even if you didn’t like what they had to say).

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