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Market Communications: The Voice of Your Business

Last time, I addressed the first support pier of the Business Bridge, Product-to-Market Fit. If you haven’t read it, I would highly recommend reading it before you read this one. One of the big mistakes I see in new entrepreneurs is they worry about their website, their photos, their descriptions, and their branding before they know they have Product-to-Market fit…

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Market Communications

Email Marketing Basics

I know. Everyone struggles with email marketing. It’s almost a given for small business owners. I have some bad news for you. This isn’t going to tell you what to put in your newsletter. Quite the opposite, I’m going to tell you a monthly newsletter isn’t enough. I have even more bad news. Most free email services won’t let you…

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Business Strategy Basics

Introduction: I write a lot about business strategy and that it’s important, but I just realized that I really haven’t shared my definition of it. To understand the term “strategy”, it helps to realize that the term is a shortened way to refer to your business’ “strategic plan,” so whenever I say “strategy” you can replace it with “plan” or…

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The Business Bridge: Building a Successful Business

Sometimes it’s really hard to know where to start or what to work on when you don’t have a good idea of how a business functions and how customers interact with it. This isn’t just about SEO or whether your photo background is white or gray or picking the right logo… it’s a much bigger picture of business strategy. I…

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