Customer Journey Part 5: Turning Loyal Customers into Advocates

This is the big one. Advocacy is the last step of the Customer Journey.  It’s the stage where you have customers who love your product and business so much, they tell everyone they know about their experience with your company and convince them to make purchases from you. Businesses that succeed in this stage will

Customer Journey Part 4: Building Customer Loyalty

The goal of the loyalty stage is to get customers to come back to your business and make additional purchases in the future. Success in this stage is a major differentiator between businesses that keep growing year after year and businesses that fail. It takes a lot of work to get new customers (which you’ve probably

Customer Journey Part 3: Ways to Convert Prospects into Customers

The Conversion stage is when customers actually make a purchase. To get to this stage, your customers first became aware of your products, then they compared your product to other products and to the ideal they had in their mind and decided that yours is the one they want. All you have to do is

Customer Journey Part 2: Techniques for Winning the Consideration Stage

First, you helped the customer find out that your business/product existed in the Awareness stage. Most likely the customer found several products they liked, so now they will start to decide which product they like most before they make a purchase. The Consideration stage, which is the second stage of the Customer Journey, is when the customer

Etsy and the Intermediary Model

What does your business expect from Etsy? Do you think of them as your marketing department, whose job is to bring you viable leads? Do you think of them as a paid salesperson who is actively shaking the money tree to bring in revenue? Do you think of them as an advocate for your business?

Business Strategy Basics

Introduction: I write a lot about business strategy and that it’s important, but I just realized that I really haven’t shared my definition of it. To understand the term “strategy”, it helps to realize that the term is a shortened way to refer to your business’ “strategic plan,” so whenever I say “strategy” you can

The Top Three Etsy Seller Mistakes

Look at any of the dozens of Facebook groups out there dedicated to selling online (usually on Etsy, eBay, or Shopify) and on any given day, there is someone asking if sales are down this month. Their sales are down 30%, 60%, or worse this month and want to know why. There isn’t a month

The Business Bridge: Building a Successful Business

Sometimes it’s really hard to know where to start or what to work on when you don’t have a good idea of how a business functions and how customers interact with it. This isn’t just about SEO or whether your photo background is white or gray or picking the right logo… it’s a much bigger