Business Operations

Hunting and farming

There are really two ways that you can go about getting orders: sales and marketing.

Sales is a lot like hunting: you gear up and go looking for something and you expect to come home with one. If not you might not eat.

Marketing is more like farming: you plant seeds, you nurture and care for them, and you expect that one day they will lead to something you can survive on.

Most businesses need both. You need to be able to build long term relationships with people who are not looking to buy today but might place a large order or repetitive orders in the future. You also need to be able to qualify whether someone is serious and get the order when someone is ready to buy.

It’s also important you don’t mix them up. If you try to farm someone ready to buy, they will buy from someone else because they want to make the purchase while you are burying them with information just as much as trying to hunt someone who’s just looking for information will get annoyed with you for being too pushy.

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