Product-to-Market Fit

It’s not you, it’s me

Did you ever make a product you were so proud of and loved so much that you showed it to everyone you knew and couldn’t wait to photograph it and get it listed?

Then you get it listed, get all the perfect keywords on it…. and nothing happens? It gets 1 or 2 views a day (on a good day), no favorites, and nothing resembling a sale?

What happened? Why didn’t everyone love it as much as I did?

The answer is simple, yet difficult to admit: you are not your target customer. 

As much as you try to relate to them and even project yourself onto them, the people who buy from you are not like you. The big giveaway is that if someone were just like you, they would have an Etsy shop and be selling the same thing… which might make it pretty hard to sell to them.

There’s nothing wrong with making items that you love for yourself. But they are for you.One of the hardest parts of making products is figuring out what other people like so you can make it for them.

Don’t take it personally when your target customers have different tastes than you do.

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