Back to School

Pushing forward

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a week since I got declined at Berkeley.

In the last week, I’ve found other programs where I’d like to apply and (the big shocker) enrolled in prerequisite courses.

I had been looking at different Computer Science graduate certificates to build a background in programming and data structures, and found several that I liked. Drexel (where I already have an MBA) and Harvard Extension School both had ones that looked really good to me. They weren’t cheap, but they would get me the foundation I was looking for, probably starting in January.

Then I found University of California, San Diego.

They ticked off a lot of boxes all at once:

  • I found them through their certificate in Python Programming, so they had all the programming classes I wanted.
  • All courses are for-college-credit with a letter grade.
  • They offered other prerequisite courses I needed, like Calculus I and II,  Linear Algebra, and Statistics.
  • The price. Oh my god the price. While Drexel classes were $3600 each and Harvard classes were $2900 each, UCSD classes were around $700 each. So basically for the price of one Harvard class, I could take 4 at UCSD.
  • Perhaps best of all, their semester starts a little later, so I could still enroll this semester. I didn’t have to wait until January.

So…. I’m a student again! I start classes on Tuesday. I went a little aggressive, taking Calc I, Linear Algebra, and Intro to Programming. I have ten days to drop one if it’s too much, but I’m back in school now!