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Put Yourself in Their Shoes

For just a second, forget about your business and think about how YOU use social media:

  • How many Facebook Groups do you belong to?
  • How many Facebook Pages do you follow?
  • How many Instagram feeds are you SO into that you turned on Notifications for them?
  • How many email newsletters did you sign up for?

If you’re like most people:

  • You belong to a lot of different Facebook Groups and liked a lot of Facebook Pages and gradually clicked “unfollow” so you could go read them when you wanted to, but not see them in your feed every day.
  • You might have tried turning on notifications for a few of them but ended up turning them back off because now you were missing out on notifications for things you actually cared about, like your friend’s response to something you posted or a business’ response to a question you asked.
  • You probably turned on Instagram notifications for a couple of feeds that weren’t your own, but then turned them back off because they made it harder to find the notifications you care about, like comments on your new baby or your best friend’s vacation.
  • You already get 230 emails a day and clicked Unsubscribe to all but a few, and those go into a “Promotions” folder that you never really read anyway

You treat Notifications as things that are important to you every day and that you want to know about first, and you only want emails that bring good news and information that you want. You generally want fewer of them in your life, not more.

And yet, you ask your customers Turn on Notifications for your Group, your Page, and your Instagram Feed while signing up for your newsletter.

Take a good look at the Groups, Pages, Feeds, and emails that you look forward to reading. What do you love about them? What could you learn from them, and then apply so your message appeals to your customers so they WANT to hear what you have to say?

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