Back to School


I’ve spent the last couple weeks seriously flying through prerequisites, mostly focusing on Python and statistics (including statistics using Python), then last night I got this message:


Berkeley was really my top choice and most of my focus was on preparing for their program.

This response, plus a few other discussions I’ve had, really confirmed something that I was beginning to suspect: my complete and utter lack of background in higher math and computer science really doesn’t put me in a place where I’m ready to start graduate data science work, not even with a few months to prepare.

I have a few more applications out still, but I think I’m going to take the hint… I might need to spend a year focusing on the prerequisites, taking college-level courses computer science, calculus, linear algebra, and inferential statistics courses, probably take the GRE, and then pick a program that looks good (maybe still Berkeley but it could be a different one) and apply from a better place.