Back to School

Staying on track

The hardest part of where I’m at right now is staying focused because of so much uncertainty.

I still have 2 to 4 weeks until I will know if I got into NorthWestern. In many ways, getting in there is my best result. They have a few starting review classes that would really help me and they offer a wide enough selectio

I am still waffling between data science and artificial intelligence as a major. Which one I choose will determine whether I need more statistics courses, more computer science courses, or both (depending on specialties within each field).

Without knowing which major I want to take or what exactly I want to do, it’s really hard to pick a school.

In the mean time, courses are open for registration next semester. If I don’t get in to Northwestern, I’ll be taking another semester of Calculus and one other class… I’m not sure if it should be statistics, more Python, R, or something else.

Making things even more complicated, I know a few people in the industry and they have made all kinds of recommendations for things to check out. While I would love to do all kinds of mini projects and check out competitions, I can barely keep up with the classes I’m taking now.

It’s REALLY hard to stay focused on the things I need to complete now and balancing that against figuring out exactly where I want to go with all this so I can take the right courses.