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The Handmade Gardener

The worst part of gardening (and working with vinyl) is weeding.

As frustrating as it is, sometimes you have to go through and pull out all the things that don’t really belong next to your beautiful flowers. It seems like you have to do it on a regular basis to keep everything looking neat and clean.

Your shop is the same way.

Most shops have a few best sellers, a few medium sellers, a few items that get views but no sales, and a whole bunch of items that get neither views nor sales. The first three groups are bringing value to your shop through some combination of revenue and exposure. The last group, that gets neither views nor sales for several months (even after several revisions), are just cluttering up your shop.

It can be hard to deactivate items when you put your heart and soul into them (and paid your $0.20 to list them), but if they are not adding anything to your shop, it’s time to pull them out.

A great benefit of weeding your items is that your shop starts to show more focus. Everyone, including your customers, has heard the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none.” You want your customer to see you as the master of your craft, and a clean shop with a clear focus is a wonderful way to show your expertise.

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