Product-to-Market Fit

The Perfect Gift

It’s that time of year when people are waiting in long lines and crashing online store servers to get the best deals on presents for their loved ones.

Some people are looking for the lowest price, others the biggest discount, and others the most unique thing that’s not on sale anyway.

But they all have one thing in common: they know who they are buying it for.

Out of that huge crowd of buyers, there’s just a few people, and maybe you know one of them, who always shows up with the perfect gift. The one that the instant you pull off the paper, your eyes well up and you wonder how the person knew the exact perfect gift to get.

That perfect gift giver is someone who pays attention to the recipient. They don’t care about their own likes or hobbies or interests. Instead, they focus on the who the recipient is, where they grew up, what they do for fun, what they say their favorite movie is in public and what movie is secretly their favorite. They know what that person eats when they have a bad day and what memories from their childhood trigger an immediate nostalgia.

They use that knowledge to figure out the perfect gifts for their loved ones.

Your job as a business owner/maker is just like that, and the recipient is your target customer. Unlike our amazing gift giver, though, you’re not limited to what’s already for sale in stores. You have the unlimited potential to MAKE the perfect item.

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