Product-to-Market Fit

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Think about the last thing you bought. Maybe it was something fun, like a new sweater.

When you picked it out there was something going on in your head and, most likely, it was a kind of story where you could picture yourself with the sweater and what your life would be like after you bought it.

What was the story about? Was it how warm and cozy it would be? Maybe it how great you would look on a date or that you had a bad day and just wanted to hang out alone and watch TV.

Whatever that story was, and there could be more than one going on, there was some kind of inner monologue running in your head as you bought it.

That monologue can get even longer when you can’t decide between a couple of options… which material do I like better or which color will match my jacket better or which one will really express who I am as a person? Should I get the medium… but I’m losing weight so maybe I should get the small…?

Your goal as a business owner/marketer is to tap into the stories that your customers are telling themselves.

In order to do that, you need to really know the person who is telling the story and what story they are telling themselves. Then everything about your marketing will make them feel like you know them and are talking to them directly.

  • Our sweater is warm and soft and will make your date want to snuggle up to you even more.~
  • We offer multiple colors, buy one for each outfit you have!
  • You’re a strong and confident person, show it off with our new professional line of sweaters!
  • For around the house, try our The Struggle Is Real line 🙂
  • Try our new Adjust-a-Fit hems which keep the fit perfect around the holidays ~

Marketing is a discussion with your customers. The more your ads, social media posts, photos, and item descriptions can feel like a discussion (and not a broadcast), the more the customer will want to buy from you because they feel like you understand them as individuals.

What’s the last thing you bought and the story you told yourself about it?

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