Back to School

Wrapping up the Prereqs

The last month has been a whirlwind.

I finished up my semester, getting an A in all three courses: Intro to Python, Python for Analytics, and Calculus I. It was a ton of work but I really enjoyed it.

The Python for Analytics class was really fun. I know it’s kind of cliche, but I ended up creating a number of COVID charts and tables. The data is relatively clean and available from a number of sources, so it was good practice for me in downloading data through web APIs, cleaning, formatting, and merging data, then visualizing it.

In the remaining month until school starts, I’m just messing around with datasets and APIs. After spending so much time in a depressing dataset, I’m going to check out a more business-related one, namely Etsy , since I used to be really into that world and am curious to see what kind of interesting information might be there.

In January, I start my first two masters courses:

  • Data Science in Practice, which is a lot of case studies and analysis
  • Math for Data Science: a crash course in linear algebra, discrete mathematics, and probability.

I’m sure once that starts, life will get really busy!